Monday morning Massac County’s commissioners unanimously approved a motion accepting a contract for Phase Two of the courthouse renovation project by approving a contract with Heartland Mechanical Contractors Inc., in the amount of $1,051,800, which includes a base bid of $1,100,000 and alte…

Although no one from the community has come to the county clerk’s office to review the proposed Massac County 2019 budget, Massac County Sheriff Ted Holder has reviewed it, and he expressed his thoughts to the commissioners at Monday morning’s commissioners meeting.

At the request of many retirees in the community, according to Metropolis Mayor Billy McDaniel, the city council adopted an ordinance at its Monday night meeting allowing golf carts and side-by-side vehicles on city streets. ATVs of any kind will not be allowed, and the vehicles can not be o…

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Coach Joe Hosman himself has had a devil of a time figuring out his basketball team this season, and it looks like that tendency will end when the curtain drops on the team’s season.

We’ve known for weeks now that the FBI recorded Chicago Alderman Ed Burke’s mobile phone conversations over a period of eight months, listening in on 9475 calls. And then we discovered that the feds had wired up Chicago Alderman Danny Solis during his own conversations with Burke.