On Tuesday morning, the Metropolis electoral board met again regarding the objection filed by Ward One Alderman Chuck Short involving Sam Stratemeyer’s nominating petition for the upcoming April 2 Consolidated Election.

Following a bid opening with very surprising and unexpected bid amounts, the Metropolis City Council awarded the bid for the property located at 2492 Devers Rd. to Jayson and Chasidy Farmer in the amount of $41,996.

Massac County’s Patriots kicked off the New Year with back to back games last weekend against the Benton Rangers in a home, conference match Friday night then followed that with a Saturday evening road meeting with the Cougars of Hardin County.

Here is a column from 1997 that falls into the “what goes around” category.  It is about Rae Oliver Davis, who is making the news now due to being named inspector general of the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

I hate to play the skeleton at the feast, because Gov.-elect J. B. Pritzker has an apparently strong desire to do more and better for the state of Illinois. Yet, he must face the harsh realities of having inherited a fiscal system that is broke, deep in debt and bankrupt in the sense that Il…

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