Scott Martin sworn in

Scott Martin, left, takes the oath of office for Alderman Ward 3 given by Brookport City Clerk Jamie Jenkins, right. He was appointed with unanimous consent at the May 8 Brookport City Council meeting. Martin fills the vacant position when Gary Moore left office a few months ago. Ward 1 still has an open position. Residents living in Ward 1 for a year can pick up an application at city hall.

— Ann Douglas | Metropolis Planet

Scott Martin was appointed the new alderman for Ward 3 at the May 8 Brookport City Council meeting, replacing Gary Moore who withdrew from his appointment several months ago.

Martin is with the Massac County Youth Softball League, besides working a full-time job.

The council still has a vacancy in Ward 1 before there is a full council seated again in Brookport.

Payment of bills totaling $38,120.60 was approved with discussion on a few items about auto repairs.

Treasurer Alison Boyt was not present to give her report, nor was Fire Chief Bill Copley present.

Brookport Police Sergeant Everett Mounts gave the police report. About 100 citations were given, ranging from expired licenses and distracted driving to no seat belts. Four possession charges of illegal drugs were made. The department’s next focus will be on city stickers, or lack thereof, and cars without plates. Cars without plates parked on the street will be towed. Cars in yards without plates must be tarped.

City stickers have been past due since May 1, and there will be a $50 fine for cars without one. If caught without a sticker, the cost will be $95; the original cost of $20, a late fee of $25 plus the fine of $50. Residents can still purchase the sticker for $45.

Mounts reported Ryan White has completed his first week at the new police academy, learning the current standards of Illinois State, and is doing well.

Committee reports started with Kathy Tucker on the budget committee. The fiscal year is up in June, and the committee has been meeting with the treasurer and the city’s CPA to develop a true budget dealing with actual income.

In the parks and recreation committee report, Tucker stated $1445 was raised from the recent city fish fry, and this will go towards the Fun Day celebration, set for Saturday, June 30. Activities are being planned for the entire day. The first barbeque competition will be held at that time with entries of $10 per team.

Brookport Church of God has volunteered to paint the park pavilions before June 30. Tucker stated that she is starting to get responses from letters sent to area businesses to replace playground equipment.

A nuisance ordinance was amended during the ordinance committee meeting, dealing with unkempt yards, buildings in poor repair and high grass with a five-day notice to be given for corrections.

The ordinance regarding payment from insurance companies for fire response is still at the city attorney’s office for revisions.

  Actions taken by council included approval of back pay to John Wessel for $120.54, approval to sell the Mac dump truck for $12,500 and buy a 1992 GMC truck for $12,500.

  The communication box at Massac County Sheriff’s office was damaged by a lightning strike. It reaches all the cities in Massac from Joppa to Brookport. If insurance doesn’t cover the repairs, the sheriff’s department asked the city to pay a third of the expense, estimated at $3048. The Brookport council decided to wait to hear if insurance covers before deliberating.

  West Nile infected mosquitos have been found in the Brookport area.

  Brookport Mayor Tami Wessel asks that all standing water be removed from yards if possible. Tires will be collected to eliminate one of the sources. Chemical treatment would be very costly.

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