County still dealing with air conditioning problems
by Michele Longworth
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Much of Tuesday morning's Massac County commissioners meeting was spent discussing air conditioning unit problems at the Massac County Detention Center.

The commissioners heard from Massac County Sheriff Ted Holder that the air conditioning seems to be working better. He and the commissioners briefly discussed how there would be no major changes for the courthouse as far as thermostats, as the temperature at the courthouse can be controlled. Holder said it was the temperature at the detention center and sheriff's office that was controlled out of St. Louis. He did not mention any immediate problems to the board.

Holder briefly told the board that all of the deputies are now CPR-certified. He also said the sheriff's office is currently working on trying to write a grant in order to equip each of the squad cars with an AED — automated external defibrillator — device.

Later in the meeting, John Konemann, jail administrator, came to ask the commissioners if Triangle Heating & Air had sent in a list of work that needs to be done to one of the air conditioning units. He explained that when a Triangle employee was recently installing thermostats, one of the air conditioning units went down.

According to Konemann, the Triangle employee looked at the unit, which is one of two units the county paid Triangle to install last year, and discovered that coolant was leaking, there was no disconnect on the unit and that there is a switch that needs to be replaced.

Konemann said that the employee had told him he could not fix any of the problems, as that was not what he was contracted to do and could not do that work unless he was authorized by the county.

The Triangle employee told Konemann he would list the problems he had found and submit that information to the county commissioners.

According to Commission Chair Jerel Childers and commissioner Billy Hillebrand, neither of them has received any written correspondence with Triangle.

The commissioners told Konemann that Holder had just been to the meeting and had not mentioned any problems. Konemann said he had not had a chance to update Holder on the latest developments.

Konemann and the commissioners also discussed that if it was one of the two new units that was installed about a year ago, that the unit should still be under warranty.

Later on in the meeting, Marcia McCutcheon, who is in charge of courthouse maintenance, spoke to the board concerning the maintenance items that Honeywell had been in charge of.

McCutcheon explained that there is a compressor in the old jail that needs to be inspected, oiled and have belts checked about every six months. Also she said Honeywell would check to see if the drains were working.

She said the boiler safeties are another area that needs to be inspected. In addition, there are air conditioning filters above the old jail that need to be changed, in addition to a unit behind her office.

According to McCutcheon there is also a condensing unit on the roof that has always been inspected.

She also talked about a box downstairs in the courthouse that is the thermostat for the sensors in the courthouse that tells them when to heat up. She said she has never dealt with the box and wondered if Triangle would be familiar with that type of thermostat.

Commissioner Hillebrand had told Konemann and McCutcheon that he would make a visit to Triangle to get these issues "squared away."

McCutcheon said probably the easiest thing to do is to have a representative from Triangle come to the courthouse so that she could do a walk through of everything that needs to be serviced. Hillebrand and Childers both agreed and said they would let McCutcheon know when a representative from Triangle would be able to come for a walk through.

Massac County Treasurer Floyd Sullivan brought the commissioners the balance for the county's general fund, which is $132,509. However, Sullivan explained the county's payroll, of about $100,000 would be deducted from that total, leaving around $32,509.

Sullivan said the county would receive the reimbursement from the county highway department, which would be around $20,000, bringing the general fund to about $52,509. But, he told the board the county would have to make an insurance payment of $39,000, which would leave the general fund with around $13,509.

There was discussion between Hillebrand and Childers that the cutbacks the county has had to make over the past year have helped.

The commissioners also said that the 2011 county budget has yet to be approved, as the county has kept extending the 2010 budget.

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