As close as we are to Dam 52, it doesn't sound as if it will disrupt life too much in Brookport when it gets blown up.

Hello. I'm mighty glad it hasn't rained here in a few days, but I'm afraid were in for some in the near future for it being the hurricane season. It seems like most hurricanes end up turning into a tropical storm that always ends up coming through our area.

1882 -- Ambidextrous pitcher Tony Mullane of Louisville pitched with both hands in a MLB at Baltimore. Normally a right-hander, Mullane switched to the left hand in the fourth inning. He lost 9-8.

Many rural Midwest towns have become like my stereotype of Appalachia - main streets of mostly empty storefronts; lots of unskilled folks left behind, yearning for jobs "on the line" that are gone forever; too many single mothers struggling to make it on low-wage work, or welfare, lacking th…

Gov. JB Pritzker signed the $45 billion infrastructure bill into law last week during a three-day fly-around to several Illinois cities.

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This is the first attempt at doing somewhat of a documentary-type video.  It's about 55 minutes length.  I wanted to find out from people why they come to Metropolis to the Superman Celebration.  What is it about the town and the Celebration that keeps people coming to our small town once a …