In some 4½ months, Market Street will be humming with activity as the 2021 Superman Celebration takes place. Organizers have set this year’s celebration for July 30 through Aug. 1.

Fans who have been eagerly awaiting news of Superman Celebration 2021 can finally make plans to attend this year’s event, but at a later date.

The annual Superman Celebration will take place Friday, July 30, Saturday, July 31, and Sunday, Aug. 1, for this year only — not the usual second weekend of June.

“This year we were kind of cautiously watching and waiting to see what the best options for us to do would be,” Celebration co-chair Karla Ogle told the Metropolis City Council Monday night after it approved the closure of Market Street for the event. “When they cancelled San Diego ComicCon (which is held annually in July), that was a red flag that we should probably bump ours a little bit later just to make sure it’s going to be the safest possible situation.”

Organizers felt that by delaying the event by seven weeks, more attendees will have received their vaccinations, and COVID cases should be down. With many conventions, festivals and events across the United States being canceled or rescheduled, the Metropolis Chamber of Commerce felt the best decision was to delay Superman Celebration to insure a safer gathering for fans. The 2021 Celebration will also be switched from a four-day event to a three-day event.

“We want as many people as possible to come and attend,” Ogle said. “We felt like the original June dates were on the borderline. Next year, we’ll be back on the second weekend in June — fingers crossed!”

Organizers are finishing details on the schedule, which will be full of the “super” guests, events, entertainment and contests the Superman Celebration is known for. Announcements will be posted on the Metropolis Superman Celebration Facebook page and

One event set for the Celebration is the rededication ceremony of the Superman statue, which underwent a facelift in October.

The Metropolis Superman Celebration is hosted by the Metropolis Chamber of Commerce, along with the city of Metropolis and The Greater Metropolis CVB.

“Thank you, ladies, for all your hard work. I see you work endlessly on it,” Metropolis Alderman Al Wagner told Ogle and her sister and celebration co-chair Lisa Gower at Monday’s council meeting. “I know it’s going to be unprecedented and better than ever.”

“We really appreciate all the support,” Ogle said. “I know last year was tough because we had to cancel.”

Organizers announced in March 2020 the cancellation of last year’s celebration as the COVID-19 pandemic caused restrictions of events and gatherings. Organizers made the decision last year after considering the health and safety of the guests and attendees, as well as the financial aspect of putting on a large multi-day event during uncertain times.

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