Details for Public Notice Pursuant to Title 17, Chapter 1, Section

Public Notice

Pursuant to Title 17, Chapter 1, Section 1080 of the Illinois Administrative Code, notice is hereby given that Ingram Barge Company of 1000 S. Third Street Paducah, Kentucky 32003, has submitted a Conservation Plan to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources to apply for authorization for the taking of the purple wartyback (Cyclonaias tuberculata), butterfly (Ellipsaria lineolata), elephant-ear (Elliptio crassidens), spike (Elliptio dilatata), ebonyshell (Fusconaia ebena), pink mucket (Lampsilis abrupta), orangefoot pimpleback (Plethobasus cooperianus), sheepnose (Plethobasus cyphyus), Ohio pigtoe (Pleurobema cordatum), fat pocketbook (Potamilus capax), rabbitsfoot (Quadrula cylindrica cylindrica), and monkeyface (Quadrula metanevra) mussels (hereinafter referred to as “12 mussel species”) incidental to the Ingram Barge Fleeting Facility project.

The project is located in Massac County, Illinois along the northern bank of the Ohio River, beginning east of the U.S. Highway 45 bridge in Brookport, Illinois and continuing upstream for 2.4 miles (See attached map).

The proposed fleeting facility consists of six barge fleeting areas. Each fleeting area will contain a mooring structure consisting of two spud barges and two spar barges to temporarily hold fleeted barges during assembly and disassembly of barge tows. The mooring structures will be secured to the river bottom using spud piles and a ship anchor. Take of the 12 mussel species may result during the project as a result of this work. The 12 mussel species are protected under the Illinois Endangered Species Protection Act and are known to occur within the vicinity of the project.

To minimize and mitigate for the take of the 12 mussel species incidental to the project, mussels will be relocated from the spud pile locations, anchors will be located in unsuitable habitat for mussels, a Facility Operating Plan will be implemented, and a monetary contribution will be made to an aquatic resources fund.

A copy of the Conservation Plan is available for inspection by the public at Brookport City Hall at 7704 S U.S. 45 Road, Brookport, IL 62910.

The Conservation Plan (ITA #223) is also available on the Illinois Department of Natural Resources Incidental Take Authorization website, accessed at:

Comments pertaining to the Conservation Plan should be sent to:

Illinois Department of Natural Resources, Office of Resource Conservation, Incidental Take Authorization Coordinator, One Natural Resources Way, Springfield, IL 62702

OR may be emailed to

Comments will be accepted through February 14, 2021


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