Nicholas and the LEGO Super shield

NASA Engineer and Superman Celebration fan Nicholas Mastramico poses with his latest LEGO creation, the famous Superman shield, on Feb. 25, when he delivered it to the Metropolis Chamber of Commerce.

Last year LEGO building mastermind Nicholas Mastramico created a replica of the Super Museum, along with two replicas of the Superman Statue. This year he put his engineering skills to work again to create a special, Super LEGO Shield, which will help benefit the Metropolis Chamber of Commerce, Save the Massac Theatre and the Super Museum.

He and his wife, Kim, traveled from Huntsville, Alabama to Metropolis on Feb. 25 to deliver the Super LEGO Shield to the Metropolis Chamber, but not before photos were taken in front of the Superman Statue.

“The engineer in me is very happy,” said Mastramico, who has been attending the Superman Celebration for about 11 years and used his many photos of the statue in order to replicate the shield out of LEGO blocks.

Mastramico, an aerospace engineer with NASA for the last 11 years, took his reference photos into a computer program, GIMP, which broke the photos into pixels and through his 20 pixel comparisons, he was able to achieve a near 1 to 1 ratio, creating a life size shield.

He says it took him a month to design the shield in his free time. Once the designing was done, it took three weeks for him to assemble the 3200 pieces of LEGOS.

One lucky fan will take the Super LEGO Shield home at this year’s Superman Celebration, when the winner is drawn on the evening of Saturday, June 13.

Tickets are now available for purchase at the Metropolis Chamber of Commerce. Individuals may purchase tickets for $5 for one ticket or $20 for six chances. Tickets are available now and will be sold throughout the Metropolis Superman Celebration.

According to Superman Celebration co-chairperson Karla Ogle, the winner needs not be present but must pick up the Super LEGO Shield at the Metropolis Chamber of Commerce at 516 Market Street.

The proceeds from the sale of tickets will be divided between the Metropolis Chamber of Commerce, the Massac Theatre and the Super Museum.

Recently Mastramico found out an article he had written about the City of Metropolis, the Superman Celebration and Super Museum was published nationally in Scary Monsters Magazine’s Monsters Memories 27 and has been nominated for article of the year in the 2020 Rondo Hatton Awards.

“I can only see the upside for everyone involved if an article promoting the Celebration, the Museum and the City of Metropolis got a push from a nationally recognized award,” said Mastramico.

The award can be found at and may vote on his article until Sunday, March 29.

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