All council members were present in the virtual meeting of the Brookport City Council held Dec. 15.

Tom Fagan, from Azavar Government Solutions, gave a presentation on how his company can retrieve lost revenue due to coding mistakes, miscalculated taxes or franchise fees. It would be at no cost to the city but rather a sharing of any extra money found — 55% for the city and 45% for Azavar.

The company could also eliminate loopholes in ordinances with vague legal language. Audits would be done yearly in small towns and could go back three years.

Fagan answered several questions from the council and attorney Pat Hewitt before members voted unanimously to accept a contract with the company.

In 15 years of business, Azavar has recovered over $150 million for 350 municipalities.

Motion was made to pay bills of $39,240.38. City Clerk Lori Klotz reported $57,055.42 in collections.

Grant money payment for the water project was approved for the contractor at $107,587.25 and the engineer observation for $13,514.95. The right-of-way engineering bill No. 2 was $3,370.94. An amendment to the engineering agreement for $335,000 was made for additional surveying.

The preliminary plans for the new maintenance building were accepted, including water and sewer lines to be installed but hooked up later.

The ordinance for the wheel tax was passed with the first vehicle being $20 and additional vehicles at $10 each. City stickers are currently available at city hall. March 15 is the cutoff after which late fees will be assessed.

The annual tax levy ordinance was also passed.

Purchases approved were for police uniforms, two breathalyzers with a box of mouthpieces and name tags for the police officers; and coal shovels, heavy duty extension cords and a retractable air hose reel for the fire department. A MIG welder needed to repair the floodwall vault doors was approved as well.

Disposition of fire trucks donated to Brookport were made — one being re-donated to Elizabethtown, one for scrap when multiple problems were found and another accepted from Franklin Grove.

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