Brookport Fire Chief Bill Copley was proud to accept, with the approval of council members, the donation of fire equipment from Morris and Sandwich fire districts. The equpiment included an air conditioned trailer that can be used as a command center, a rescue truck and a rescue boat. Tools and other apparatus were also part of the transaction.

For a long time the fire department had been working with the bare basics since the city was unable to finance extra equipment needed to optimally fight various kinds of emergencies and also help raise the insurance ratings.

However, the fire department is still in need of diesel batteries and a brake replacement on one of the units, which were both approved. The department has been responding to almost two calls per day.

The purchase of batteries for the emergency warning siren was approved. The current batteries are 10 years old and gave a weak signal when last tested. The city is to maintain the equipment originally donated by Honeywell.

In the treasurer’s report, Allison Boyt stated the general fund has $34,944. The annual city audit was returned with no negative findings for the third year in a row. The trash rate ordinance is being redone because of a wrong date in the original copy.

Scott McDonald gave the police report of nine arrests and 50 tickets. Clarification was given about funds raised for the police department. Monies are placed in the general fund, but a separate paper accounting keeps track of the figures to be accessed by the department such as Shop with a Cop donations.

In Mayor Tami Wessel’s mayoral report, she stated the water project should be starting July 21. Materials have been purchased to begin the project.

TeleScan has been doing studies on the sewer system in preparation for a grant application to repair this critical infrastructure. So far problems found have been root ball blockages, misaligned pipes and crushed pipes. The scope of the damages need to be determined before the actual grant writing. Funds for the study are coming out of sewer reserves.

Wessel commented that although river levels have dropped, the flap gate still has water on it so evaluation of damage that occurred after the lining was installed has not been done. The boat ramp is being cleared of mud for the public to use.

A resolution was unanimously approved to execute an agreement with Brown and Roberts Engineering for the construction of an equipment storage building for the maintenance department. About $638,000 of a previous grant was released by the state for this purpose. The main purpose is to get the big equipment under roof, but landscaping around city hall may also be included.

When Lori Klotz finishes her city clerk training, she is planning to open city hall on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays from 7:30 a.m. — 4 p.m. with lunch from 12:30 — 1 and on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7:30 a.m. — noon. With city hall being closed due to the pandemic, it has created a lot of chaos for the citizens with deposits not being made and bills being doubled in some cases among other things. Klotz asks for patience as she learns the new duties. Kathy Tucker has offered to be her back up should the need arise.

Two positions on the city council still need to be filled; one for a Ward 2 alderman and one for Ward 3.

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