With Kathy Tucker acting as mayor pro tem for the Feb. 9 meeting, the Brookport City Council discussed the city’s plan to allow residents to purchase for $1 a month an insurance program for leaks and water adjustments.

Leaks do occur, sometimes unknown, until the water bill comes due. Only for those who opt in to the program will the city consider a water fee adjustment. Proof of repair of the leak will be required. Previous water bills will be averaged to calculate the adjustment. Those who do not sign up will not be considered for a change in billing.

Approved was the amount of $44,201.47 in bills to be paid, which included the purchase of a zero-turn mower for $4199 and tree removal of four trees for $9500.

Treasurer Alison Boyt reported December’s general fund account to be $139,657.79. January’s statements came too late for reconciliation.

City Clerk Lori Klotz reported $118,151.97 in collections for the month.

There was no report from the fire or police department.

Council approved payment for the contractor’s pay estimate No. 7 of $50,406.75 and the engineer’s observation bill of $12,887.20 relating to the water system grant.

Brown & Roberts Engineering was given approval for $30,000 towards a grant for sanitary system improvements through Rural Development. This is another step in infrastructure improvement.

The city will apply for a $75,000 grant for Round 5—Abandoned Residential Property. If the application is successful, there will be additional cleanup of some properties besides the Strong Communities Grant.

Several items were tabled due to lack of information. Maintenance supervisor Paul Martin volunteered that he and Donnie Henson will reroute the sewer from the maintenance building so they can have a functioning bathroom.

Discussion had been held to remodel the community center into the fire department’s training hall since it is not used that much as a community room to bring in sufficient funds. A wall was to be built and the gas heater moved, but if the sewer line is reworked, then that remodeling will not be necessary. Once the sewer line is rerouted, then the new pole barn can be considered. Brown & Roberts had a redesigned blueprint, but council tabled that discussion before bids would be advertised.

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