Bronda Jones had submitted her resignation as Brookport alderman in Ward 1 after having moved into a different ward leaving a vacancy in that area. Residents in Ward 1 may submit a letter of intent to Mayor Rance Phillips for that position.

With all decisions unanimous at its Dec. 13 meeting, the first order of business for the Brookport City Council was to pay bills in the amount of $62,100.84, of which $23,000 was for the fire department. They had received a small equipment grant and this was for payment of items purchased.

Treasurer Alison Boyt reported $233,570.92 in the general fund and $222,206.42 in the motor fuel tax fund.

City Clerk Lori Klotz reported collecting $249,792.10 for the previous month, including reimbursement from the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) grant.

The maintenance report, given by Paul Driver, stated the maintenance building is about complete and gates have been put up by the old dog pound to discourage dumping.

The update from Bill Copley on the fire department said they had a busy month with two fires, one in town and one in Hamletsburg, and a medical call for a heart attack victim. They were also preparing for tornado readiness.

Officer Scott McDonald reports four arrests were made and 45 tickets were written. He recognizes there is a problem with loose dogs, after having to deal with two dogs attacking one. McDonald would like to see more cooperation with the county dog catcher, possibly some kind of funding support. Matching the owners to the dogs has also been a problem.

Routine approvals made were for 2022’s council schedule, holidays city hall will be closed and notification to the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency of the change of responsible operation personnel from Tami Wessel to Phillips.

Two change orders were approved. One to increase the electrical box size in the maintenance shed and the other to reduce the cost of the original water project. Money had been saved by not having to replace some pipes and other items. The savings will be used towards the pump house.

Approval was given to change internet service to Clear Wave at an expected savings of $136 per month. Another savings will be from changing all lights to LED, including the park pavilions through an Ameren program.

Changes to an ordinance regulating towing services within the city was adopted. Costs will now be $50 a year, down from $200, for towing companies to be on a rotating monthly list.

The police department was given the OK to buy a new vehicle with a grant and city monies for equipment. They are looking at a pickup truck with detention capacity.

The bed would also allow them to transport items. About $10,000 was received from the sale of the LESO hummer.

R & S Roofing was given approval for $1,025 out of a DCEO grant for roof repair.

Southern Five Regional Planning District and Development Commission will be paid $2,000 from the American Response Plan Act for its grant services.

The council went into a closed session to discuss pay raises for all employees.

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