Fire truck, water and kids is a combination that can't be beat. The Brookport Fire Department and Library worked together to provide a splashing good time at the Wet and Wild event two Saturdays ago.

I wish I had a picture to present, but I was working a hummingbird event at the same time so I didn't get any. I hear there were some Facebook postings though.

About 50 kids and a dozen adults took part on the slip and slide on the library lawn. Even Miss Lucille took several trips down the hill.

Cheryl and Drew Vanderford manned the pizza booth passing out slices. At first, about two dozen kids took part but as people drove by and saw what was going on, they too participated.

It was a fun time for all. Volunteers from the fire department and library couldn't help but smile watching the kids.

It was a small thing to do, but it brought a lot of joy all around. It also flushed that one hydrant of some nasty colored stuff until it ran clear.

Many thanks to the city for the water, the volunteers for running the event and the donor that provided the pizza.

The Brookport Library gave away school supplies last Saturday. Kids and parents came to pick up a bag with the items. Unclaimed bags will go to the teachers for extra supplies. Funds raised from the car show were used to purchase school items.

If families missed that event, Church of God will also be giving away school supplies Saturday at the Statham Gym from 10 a.m. until noon. They will also have bouncy houses set up for the kids in the gym.

All these supply giveaways should be a help to a parent's budget so they can get the more expensive items needed.

Another year is under the belts of these people. Those celebrating birthday are: Pam Woods, Aug. 8; Vicki Conder, Aug. 9; Joyce Allen, Gene Reynolds and Lyndon Fugate, all on Aug. 10; Elmer Pullen, Aug. 12; and Evelyn Harris and Jane Rush, both on Aug. 14. I hope good things come your way this special day.

Next week will be the regular monthly council meeting on Tuesday at 7 p.m. in city hall. Citizens can voice concerns at the beginning of the meeting after announcements.

A dilemma will be occurring. Demolition of the dam will be starting now that the river level is falling. However, the lining of the levee pipes also need to be done before the grant runs out this fall. Both need to be done while water level is low and both are in the same vicinity. Hopefully a compromise can be done so the two projects can take place.

The dredging company lease was stalled because of the two-year demolition contract. Brookport will have to wait another two years before it can use its riverfront property since it is inside the blast zone.

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