Soon the river will recede and Dam 52 will be demolished. There will be a public meeting on Thursday, July 11 in council chambers at 6 p.m. to discuss the situation.

John Keistler with C.J Mahan, the contractor doing the demolition, will be on hand to answer any questions and explain what will be done.

Best regards go out to those having birthdays this week including Cheryl Nix, July 11; Clint Bryant and Daniel Rucker, both on July 12; Gloria McGhee, July 14; Keith Rodgers and Brandon Workman, both on July 15; and Mary Jo Phillips and Marcus Ellegood, both on July 17. I hope everyone has a special day and may your wishes come true.

Well, seeing is believing. I have been told human hair will repel certain critters. My mom's sunflower seed bird feeder has been raided by squirrels many times. We tried a funnel to discourage them from climbing up the pole, but they just jumped over it. Then we tried an air horn, which scared them at first but the squirrels came back with reinforcements. Instead of seeing one squirrel, three came.

While at the hairdressers, my sister laughed about the problem, and they encouraged her to try hair. So she took a bag of hair cuttings home and brought a pair of ankle stockings. We stuffed the stockings and tied them to the pole. Wallah - the squirrels were gone. We have not seen them in a week.

It was amazing that it worked; however, the squirrels were entertaining stealing the seeds. One way was to stretch out from the pole to the feeder and grab a seed. Another method they used was to hang upside down by their back feet on the feeder, grab a seed and eat before reaching for another. One spry fellow even hung by one foot while eating.

Amusing as it was, they were going through a lot of seeds while the birds weren't getting any. My mom enjoys watching the different birds feeding so we had to do something. Now the birds are back and she is happy.

Looking at the agenda for Tuesday's council meeting, it looks like a lot of financial decisions will be made -- six for the fire department and three for the police department. Grants and agreements will also be covered.

Here we are mid-July so that means school will be starting in a month.

The Brookport Library will be giving away school supplies so keep that in mind to stretch the budget.

The official school list should be coming out soon so the items can be purchased for the students.

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