Here we are closing out 2021 and entering 2022. We’ve had the best of times and the worst of times, and I hope everyone has overcome the worst in grace and in honor. We can look forward to new beginnings and another chance in the coming year.

To close off December, Bobbie Nix, Connie Douglas and Wanda Smith will celebrate a birthday Dec. 31. Starting off the January birthdays, we have Josie Bennett, Joyce Cook and Opal Shourd putting another year of experience under their belts on Jan. 2. Shelly Schnaare and W. W. Winters will share a birthday Jan. 3, and Odell Allbritten’s is on Jan. 4. Best wishes for a very happy day.

Tami and John Wessel will have a wedding anniversary Jan. 1 and Andrea and David Douglas on Jan. 5. Since one of them is me, I’m hoping for another year in wedded bliss to the 15 of the 38 we have under our belt. This is my husband’s standard joke of saying he’s had 15 happy years when told to have a happy anniversary after we have been married for quite a bit more. At least I hope it’s a joke — I laugh anyway.

This weather is rather strange — sunbathing weather for Christmas and then snowball fights projected for New Year’s. I feel like I’m on a yo-yo. I think I’ll go plant a tree somewhere to help sequester some carbon and stop driving to prevent emissions, if any of that will help. At least it won’t hurt — unless I strain my back digging and an ambulance needs to take me to the hospital, then I’m at zero again.

All is quiet in Brookport. Christmas activities are over.

The basketball youth league will start games Saturdays on Jan. 9 starting with the youngest teams at 8:30 a.m. and the oldest finishing at 4 p.m. I believe there are at least 40 cheerleaders who will urge the teams on. They should be very cute. High schoolers are coaching them. Thanks to all the coaches who have volunteered for the 28 teams and cheerleaders.

Their season ends Feb. 19 with slam dunk contests for the first- and second-graders and tournaments for third- and fourth-graders, all followed by a pizza party for everyone. Here is to fun and learning for all the kids. The pressure to win will come later, so it is good to enjoy the game now.

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