Brookport had a small Juneteenth celebration.

I watched fireworks go off in town north of my house for several minutes. It happened June 19 and not any other night so I’m assuming that was the occasion. It made me feel better because we were not going to have our July 4 fireworks.

So freedom still got to be celebrated.

Pam and Randy Woods will be having an anniversary today (Thursday) and Bill and Lorie Brown will be having one tomorrow. Best wishes to the happy couples for more years together in good health and prosperity.

Birthdays to celebrate this coming week are Christina George June 25, Julie Davis, Bradley Johnson and Lori Abell on June 26 and Leslie Culver and Robin Hughes June 27. Joann Smith is a year older June 28, D. J. Allen, Delores Chilton and Jan Thomas can add another year on June 30 and Dustie Hammond will start the next month’s birthdays on July 1. I hope you all have a great summer celebration.

Illinois is opening up a little more. I heard that groups of fifty will be able to meet after June 26 while practicing social distancing. That means the Harry Statham Gym will be available for small gatherings again. Bookings will be accepted at 618-564-2079 after

July 1.

Churches have been conducting services in limited capacity. Restaurants and bars are also serving customers again. However I have been seeing fewer facemasks when I go to the grocery.

I, being of the older generation, wear mine at the store and I notice the young are less likely to be wearing one. While I am protecting them from my cooties, they apparently don’t care about protecting me from theirs. I think we should have some reciprocity here. Everyone wants to get older too.

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