Halloween has passed and now Thanksgiving will be the next big holiday after Veterans Day on Nov. 11.

We should all stop for a moment and remember those that served. My dad was in World War II. He did not talk much about his experiences, except when he was

a prisoner of war

after being captured

at the Battle of the Bulge. Food was

scarce for everyone

and times were tough.

It was tough back

home too when Mom got the notice he was missing in action and she had two young ones. Luckily, Dad

had written home

that he was a prisoner and doing okay when she got the MIA

letter. It was still

tense until she got

word he was released. Other than frostbit

toes, he was lucky to come home, unlike some.

So maybe it is right that Veterans Day comes before Thanksgiving. Remember and give thanks. Is wearing masks such a sacrifice in comparison?

Wish a

happy birthday to Sabrina

Neely and

Karen Phillips on Nov. 4. Then, on Nov. 7, give Justin Jacobs and John Davis a big birthday hug. I hope there are many more birthdays in your future.

Linda and Edgar Martin are celebrating a wedding anniversary Nov. 4 so send best wishes their way.

The Senior Citizens and the Next Generation will be having their monthly meeting Nov. 9 at

the activity building behind First Baptist Church on Pell Road. Doors open at 9:30 a.m. with a short business meeting to follow

at 10 a.m. Brother David Siere will give

a devotional and then

it is off to Big Ed’s

for lunch rather than doing a Thanksgiving potluck. Everyone is welcome to join.

At the December meeting the Soup Group will be performing for the seniors. Prior to the COVID-19 problem

they had been the annual entertainment for many years and will be back by popular demand. Again it

will be on the second Tuesday of December.

The second Tuesday is also the Brookport council meeting. It starts at 7 p.m. in city hall. Progress reports are routinely given

after residents have their five minute

chance to say their piece. Council will

then consider other matters on the


The parks and recreation committee has a chili supper in

the planning stage for Nov. 20 at the Harry Statham Gym. They are looking for vendors who may have wares to sell for ten dollars a table. The committee is raising money for Christmas activities. Call city hall for more information.

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