Just because I’m a year older doesn’t mean time has to spin out of control. April just flew by. I didn’t have any time to do my yard clean up. Instead of spring cleaning, it will be summer let’s-just-get-it-done. I’ll be stomping through my summer flowers pulling my winter stalks. Sorry neighbors for my frightful yard.

Let’s give Charlotte and Jerry Muniz a big “happy anniversary” shout out on April 30. They have had many happy years together and a growing family, although they are scattered about.

John Stallings and Jerry Lee Anderson will be celebrating a birthday May 1. Ryan Cochran, Chassidy McDonald and Denise Tolbert will be a year older May 2. May 3 will see Hannah Jacobs, Cindy Jeffords and Serenity Henley celebrating. Bill Ward’s birthday is May 4, and William Bickham Jr., Shanice Skinner and Corey Greer all share May 5 for their special day. Many happy returns to all of you.

Brookport Senior Citizens will be meeting May 11 in the activity building at First Baptist Church. Bingo will be the game of the day so bring a prize to win and a sack lunch. They are still holding off on potlucks for now. Doors open at 9:30 a.m. with a short business meeting at 10 a.m. Spend time with old friends and make some new ones. I’ll have one more reminder before then.

Now that I have my two COVID vaccines, I should be running about, but I still stay mostly home.

I do have the spring bird count I’m planning on doing. It’s been awhile since I did any serious birdwatching, but I do bird listening at home.

I wake up to the cardinals cheering me on and the house finches just talk away as if I know what they are saying. In the past week, the Baltimore oriole and the warbling vireo are adding their conversations. Mourning doves give their soft cooing by the feeder, and I hear the churring of the red-bellied woodpecker. It’s a regular symphony out there, and I don’t need season tickets.

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