Monday morning, Brookport woke up to another crisis - no water. Word quickly got around that there was no power to the pump, and the city was investigating a cause to fix.

It seems so odd we have electricity and no water. Usually it's the other way around. Power goes out if you cross your eyes and cough, but we always had water. How do we flush or wash? Nobody warned me to fill the bathtub I don't have. This is an emergency.

I heard there is a valve to county water that can be turned to supply Brookport. I guess before that is done, the city is waiting to see what is the problem in case there is an easy fix.

Meanwhile I'm getting dehydrated and odiferous. That might be a bit of an exaggeration, but I'm starting to feel the panic.

Birthday wishes go out to Ronnie Traversy Jr. and Landon Hughes, both on June 6; Dakota Babb, June 7; Leslie Fugate and Charles Peebles III, both on June 11; and Mae Black, June 12. I hope you all have a wonderful day.

Sue and Owen Neely have an anniversary coming up June 6. Roy and Wanda Strubinger will celebrate on June 8. We wish these two couples a happy wedding anniversary.

Participants in the photo contest may pick up their entries at the library. Don't forget your ribbons. The BBC appreciates everyone that submitted a photo.

There were 21 people with 47 pictures. The fifth and sixth grade classes of Brookport Elementary really put forth an effort. The compositions were varied and very enjoyable. Start photographing for next year's contest.

I guess we'll know a week before the Ohio River Sweep is scheduled if it needs to be postponed or not. Water is receding from surrounding fields, but there is no evidence of a shoreline to clean yet. Who knows what coming rains will do. So stay tuned to see if June 15 is a go or not. There is a T-shirt and a pizza for participants.

Next Tuesday is the regular city council meeting at 7 p.m. in city hall. Residents may voice concerns at the beginning of the meeting. Not too many people attend. It might be because I do an excellent job reporting, but they have to wait a week to learn what happened so that doesn't make sense.

I appreciate those who have served on the council. They have made an effort to do something for Brookport. It can't be the money so let's not be too harsh with criticism. That's where speaking at council meetings may offer solutions.

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