We have lots of birthdays this week to celebrate, including: Dickie Land, June 13; Blake Harris, June 14; Suddie Cook, June 15; George Lewis, Dustin Babb and twins Linda and Michael Fasolo, all on June 16; Donna Mann and Lois Konemann, both on June 17; Pam Burden and Leland Rabbit-Dickerson, both on June 18; and Gaye Dassing, June 19. I hope everyone will have a great day.

Anniversary wise, Mike and Tammy Beggs and Beth and Billy Powell will have another year under their belts on June 18. Sean and Jennifer Pegram will celebrate on June 19. Here is to many more years of peace and harmony.

The Brookport Library Board met last Wednesday and have a family evening story hour planned for Thursday, June 20 at 6 p.m. It is free, and staff will like to see kids and their guardians there to enjoy stories, crafts and refreshments.

They also set a date to teach line dancing on Thursday, Aug. 15 from 6-8 p.m. at the Statham Gym. This is also a free event. Lucille Shannon has three routines to teach, so come out and have some fun.

The city will seek a grant/loan from USDA Rural Development to replace old cast iron pipes and fix a few problems. The $2.8 million being asked cannot repair the whole system, but it should solve a lot of Brookport's water problem. A public meeting is planned for Tuesday, June 25 at 4 p.m. to discuss the details.

Engineering firm Brown and Roberts have done an initial study and will submit a more detailed plan. Since part of the money asked is a loan, water bills will have to be raised to repay the loan. It would be in the interest of the community to attend the meeting and learn the facts.

Volunteers are slowly working on air conditioning in the Harry Statham Gymnasium. The unit for the cafeteria/kitchen has been operational for a month now. One unit is functional for the gym with the second very close. Two more need to be wired and connected to condensers. Thanks to our volunteers, progress is being made towards making this an all-season facility.

Birthday parties, family get-togethers, batting cage and ball practices have been held this spring. For bookings, call Ann at 618-564-2079.

Brookport's Fun Day is coming up at the park on Saturday, June 29. Parade entries are welcome. Decorate a bicycle or car and join in. Contact Scott Martin or city hall about participating.

The news has been covering the contamination of our rivers and oceans with plastics. This has been going on for many years, which is one reason why the Ohio River Sweep has had its annual event to clean up our shorelines.

With the river on the rise again and no shoreline in Brookport, Joppa or Metropolis, the annual Ohio River Sweep may have to be postponed. Scheduled for this Saturday, it may not be able to be held unless the river drops significantly.

A decision has not been made at this time Monday morning. Volunteers may want to check with Fort Massac State Park, the local organizer in charge, closer to the day.

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