It’s been awhile since I wrote some news — not that much has happened. Since I spend a lot of time in the care of my mother, I’ve been out of the loop except for council meetings.

Speaking of my mother, she wants people to know that with this ice and snow, birds are having trouble finding food and to please think about them. She has a bird feeder she watches out the window filled with sunflower seed. It attracts cardinals, house finches, goldfinches, chickadees, titmouse, juncos, mourning doves and woodpeckers, not to mention a thieving squirrel or two. With the cold temperatures, they can empty the feeder in four hours. This morning, some red-winged blackbirds were scouting the ground for knocked out seed.

COVID has kept a lot of activity down. The senior citizens haven’t met, and the Brookport Library hasn’t been open since March. Older folks are involved with both and are cautious about mixing with people. Vaccines are starting to be given, so maybe that will start things rolling again. I registered with Southern Seven Health Department, but haven’t heard anything yet.

City stickers are available at city hall. Every resident who parks a car in Brookport is supposed to have one. The cost is $25, and they can be picked up at the drive-thru window since the lobby is still closed. March 15 is the usual deadline before late fees are assessed.

Hazel and John Davis are having an anniversary Feb. 24. Wish them both many more years together.

Johnny Dale Davis and Linda Jensen will be celebrating a birthday Feb. 19; Jennifer Pegram and Skinner Tolbert on Feb. 20; Stacey Jo Stevens on Feb. 22; Johnna Beshears on Feb. 23; and, lastly, Marvin Beshears on Feb. 24. Happy birthday to you all and may your days be filled with pleasant surprises.

I see the water works crew has moved to West Second Street. There’s still a spot on Crockett that’s dug up with barriers around it that’s leaking water. It must be something major since it hasn’t been fixed. I haven’t asked about it at council meetings. I got distracted especially when the meetings were conducted virtually on the go-to-meeting site. The meeting would suddenly close on the computer, and I would march down to council chambers hoping someone was there. No one really liked the virtual meetings. Hopefully, that is so over.

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