The Brookport Senior Citizens and the Next Generation will hold their monthly meeting Tuesday, Oct. 12, in the First Baptist Church activity building off Pell Road. Doors open at 9:30 a.m. with a short business meeting at 10 a.m. Bingo is the plan for the day. Participants are asked to bring an inexpensive gift to serve as a prize. Lunch will be a bring-your-own brown bag and drink. Everyone is welcome.

Tuesday evening,Oct. 12, will also be the city council meeting at 7 p.m. For now, masks are still required, but it is an opportunity for residents to voice their concerns and listen to various department reports.

Give a big happy shout-out to the following birthday babes; Cheslie Mays and Mike Fasolo on Oct. 7, David Brannum on Oct. 8; Debbie Brannum, Cheryl Vanderford, Otis Riepe and April Schulte on Oct. 9, Richard George and Shelby Pryor on Oct. 10 and Ronnie Traversey Oct. 13. May you all have many more splendid years to celebrate.

The water project is about to be wrapped up. The water tower has been painted with the town name and a bulldog. I can see it from the bridge as I am coming home from Paducah shopping. Personally, I would not have been up there painting. Danger is not my middle name, and I don’t think I would bounce like they do in cartoons.

There was one little hydrant on Baynes Street that was overlooked. I can remember walking my dog that way and seeing the hydrant leaked. At that time, I told the city worker about it, but he said all the water would have to be turned off in the city to fix it, and they might not have the parts. This was years and years ago.

I drove by last week and here was the same old hydrant — all alone and forgotten. It was mentioned in the last mayor’s report that the hydrant had been overlooked, and it would be attended to, which was why I drove by. I suppose that shall be the final touch of this $2.5 million project.

Then it is on to the sewer/drainage problem.

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