Be careful of what you read today, it just might be an April fool’s joke. Only kidding, but you might think so if you consider special-called council meetings that don’t meet quorums.

Last Thursday was just such a case. Only three aldermen made an appearance, and it was revealed the mayor did not leave town on vacation so, therefore, the town did not need a mayor pro-tem, and, yet, the mayor didn’t show up for the meeting either. It was so confusing.

Monday, March 29, was to be a second try to resolve the grant for the maintenance shed and to look into a purchase of a new police car. Time will tell.

Lucille Shannon will have an Easter egg hunt sponsored by Bethel AMES Baptist Church at her home this Saturday. Separate areas for toddlers to seniors will be roped off. Festivities will start at 2 p.m. at 411 W. Fourth St. Everyone is invited. A community event like this is needed for a fun time in our town after COVID quarantines and restrictions.

This week has several people having birthdays. Martha Border’s birthday is today. Preston Giltner’s is April 3. Corey Brown, Cameron Dassing, Vernon Hogan and Rev. David Siere all celebrate April 4. Beth Mescher, Bryan Henley and Jade Craig will be a year older on April 5. Ray Cook will also put another year under his belt on April 6. Best wishes to everyone for an eventful day.

Gail and Ronnie Henley will be having a wedding anniversary April 5. I hope you have many more together spent in harmony and love.

When I-24 gets backed up, we have a steady stream of traffic over the Brookport Bridge. It’s a sure bet that someone will try to take their camper or truck under the 9-foot, 6-inch limit sign and … wham — they make contact.

Some keep driving only to meet a similar sign on the other side. Others stop and try to back up.

A few will even get a ticket. It might have been a good decision to bypass the stopped traffic at first, but the alternative wasn’t a good choice in the end for the tall rigs. Friday had three loud bangs within one hour. At least a repair shop somewhere is making good money. That’s economic recovery.

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