Merry Christmas to everyone.

It is hard to get in the spirit when COVID is still looming over our heads. It doesn’t feel right this is happening when everyone should be celebrating. Be kind and show love. Blessings will come.

The city is collecting items to help the tornado victims in Kentucky. Drop off goods at Brookport City Hall.

It will take quite a while for things to get back to normal. A Good Samaritan from here has already made several trips down there distributing what they had collected. They would drive the back roads and when they found some people would ask them if they needed anything. With cars and homes destroyed, some people may not be able to make it to the distribution centers, so they tried to help those people.

I also heard of some local farmers who took their big equipment down there to help with the cleanup. The news is full of stories of people from far away sending food, water, clothes and cleaning supplies. Now, that is the Christmas spirit.

Dale Jenson is having a birthday today, Dec. 23. We have four Christmas babies celebrating: James Burrus Sr., Debbie Christiansen, Scott Garrett and Michael Kaylor. Sharon Schnaare, James Burrus Jr. and Tami Wessel will all be a year older on Dec. 28. To end our “newspaper” week, on Dec. 29 Henry Brown Jr. Alan Jeffords, Patricia Fugate, Bill Brown, Roselyn Henson and Kathy Tucker will have their special day. Sending wishes for a very happy birthday with the holidays.

Since Dec. 14, the Christmas Bird Count had begun. I’m part of a group that counts in a 15-mile diameter circle in Pope County. We set the day for Saturday, Dec. 18, months ago, which ended up being one of the rainy days. Hardly any birds were out in the rain that morning, but once it stopped raining, some ventured forth. We didn’t see as many birds as we normally do, but our information goes into a scientific data base that will show population trends and where they are located.

While we collect the data, we do have fun. I saw three bald eagles down in the bottoms, two adults and one juvenile. They were flying above a tree line calling. I always enjoy seeing eagles. Then I saw a yellow-bellied sapsucker (there is a bird by that name) working over a persimmon hanging in a tree, obviously liking the sweet substance. Sightings like those warm my heart.

Again, wishing a happy holiday to everyone.

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