I saw pictures on Facebook and the news of all the “lake front” properties after the weekend rains. My back yard usually gets flooded, too, but cars don’t wash into it. There have been many gully washers around the world as well. Whether it is climate change or epoch cycling, I don’t know, but it sure is looking like a preliminary extinction phase. No wonder the government is spending money as if there will be no tomorrow.

Assuming we have at least a week left, wish these people a happy birthday. Ronald Brinker and Edith Fairfield celebrate July 23. Leslie Sims, Tina Wiley, Candy Wilson, Barbara Copley, Missy Sullivan and Annette Henson are all having their birthday July 24. Jannett Gower has one July 25, Haylee Williams on July 26, Ebony Wade and Angie Kennedy on July 27 and, lastly, Jamie Traversy on July 28. Best wishes for a good day.

We have some long married people having anniversaries. Debbie and Steve Christiansen will be celebrating July 26, Cheryl and Drew Vanderford on July 27 and Kelly and Joe Jenkins on July 28. I hope you couples are looking forward to many more years together in good health and prosperity.

If you hadn’t seen it yet, council chambers has been painted a dark blue and the photos of old Brookport look striking against the west wall. A large picture of the bridge is in the middle. Karen and Rance Phillips had the photos blown up and mounted uniformly.

Some of our landmarks are gone, such as the original water tower and high school, and slowly the face of Brookport is changing. Some of our present youngsters will never know what was here, but that doesn’t mean our small town is dying — it is transforming. What we do today can be built on tomorrow and these will be the good old days. There are still bright and sunny days.

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