It's Bunco time for the Senior Citizens and the Next Generation this coming Tuesday, Jan. 14. Teams of two play each other with the losers moving on to the next team after completion of the set. Each win gets a card punched and at the end, the one with the most holes punched is the winner and gets a prize. A potluck of soup and sandwiches is also on the agenda. Doors open at 9:30 a.m. with a short business meeting at 10 a.m. The meeting is held in the First Baptist activity building.

Think about joining, so there are plenty of "tables of four." Three dice are rolled aiming to roll a particular number from 1-6. Points are awarded until no more of that number is thrown and the dice are passed to the next person. Once a person reaches 21 points or all dice have the same number -- bunco if it is the target number -- the game is over and the teams change. It's all in the luck of the roll.

Later that Tuesday evening at 7 p.m. will be the regular scheduled city council meeting. The council makes decisions. Residents may voice their concerns at the beginning of the meeting after first signing a sheet indicating they have a concern.

Work has started on Unionville Road and Pell Road repairing the manhole storm drainage system. Motts Excavating is doing the job. This should help keep the lift stations in better condition and the ditches from forming sinkholes. When done a little at a time, eventually Brookport will be in better shape.

There are a few birthdays to remember. Janice Henley celebrates Friday; Ludene Welch and Chesley Woods on Saturday; Carolyn Fox and Syra Roark on Sunday; Rachel Allen Tuesday, Jan. 14 and Sharon Schnaare on Wednesday, Jan. 15. I hope every wish comes true.

Shannon and Brannon Partain celebrate an anniversary Tuesday, Jan. 14. Happy unions are needed everywhere.

Send me any changes or additions to birthdays and anniversaries at my e-mail address or call 618-564-2079 and leave a message, so all you Brookportians can be put on the list.

Well I didn't have snow on my anniversary, but I did have take-out Chinese food thanks to a gift card from a friend. It was much appreciated. I didn't have to cook for two meals. I used to be able to finish a carton in one sitting, but not anymore, especially after egg rolls and fried wonton appetizers. It was great.

I guess it is good that most of the floodgates weren't taken down since we are expected to have a lot of rain here and upriver. The river has about covered the Kentucky side of the fields off the bridge and with this coming rain it should really rise. I hadn't heard the flap gate could be inspected so the levee pumps may have to be started. Hopefully everything has been greased, primed and ready to go just in case.

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