As close as we are to Dam 52, it doesn't sound as if it will disrupt life too much in Brookport when it gets blown up.

The demolition man at the town hall meeting last Thursday said there will be whistle warning sirens and thuds. Even if we were looking from the bridge, there wouldn't be any big explosions with water and debris sailing through the air.

What an end for a historical structure -- "not with a bang but a whimper." The last of the wicket dams will be no more. I can remember watching the barges lock through when it was allowed to sit at the water's edge. There was a nice breeze, and it was very relaxing.

We can't knock progress otherwise we would still be chopping trees to heat our homes and reading by candlelight at night. The dam wasn't on the scale of pyramids and coliseums anyway.

On the bright side, Brookport shouldn't be on any terrorist list to disrupt commerce.

Birthday wishes are in order for several people: Karlee Baker, July 18; Leigh Ann Craig, Mona Webb, Hazel Davis, John George and Junior Rucker, all on July 20; Matthew Winters, Marty Jacobs, Amanda Alder, Whitney Shankle, Clark Williams and Ryan Allbritten, all on July 21; Ronald Brinker and Edith Fairfield, both on July 23; and Leslie Sims, Tina Wiley, Candy Wilson, Barbara Copley, Missy Sullivan and Annette Henson, all on July 24.

That is a lot of candles to blow out for everyone, so I hope you have fun doing it and don't start any forest fires.

Debra and James George have an anniversary coming up July 18. Best wishes are sent for the Georges for a happy day.

Women on a Mission held their monthly meeting July 8. Part of their current mission is to collect school supplies for the coming school year to distribute to kids. Kaye Pryor gave the program, "Contagious Christianity," about mission service in East Asia.

Following the meeting, refreshments were sent to Charlotte Muniz, Evelyn Harris, Mae Black, Carol Siere, Margaret Craig and Debbie Randolph.

The Brookport Library and fire department will be sponsoring a "Wet and Wild Day" at the library on Saturday, July 27, weather permitting.

The department will set up plastic on the little hill for a slip and slide using the firehose as a water source. Refreshments will be served. It should be a fun activity for the kids before the school year starts.

A small basketball tournament will be held in the Statham Gym Saturday, starting at 9 a.m. The volunteers just finished setting up the last two air conditioning units in the gym just in time for "cool" games. Many thanks to Mark Souders for providing the technical expertise.

The next project is to paint the ceiling in the gym. Scaffolding and a scissor lift will make that job easier. The guys are willing and ready to go. God bless our volunteers. The gym has come a long way since the tornado damage.

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