My neighbor turned 60 last Sunday. His daughter surprised him decorating his fence with birthday greetings, balloons and a surprise parade of honking horns. Belated happy birthday, Roy Wayne Neely.

Another belated birthday goes to my mother who turned 96 on Saturday. Emma Hanak still can tell stories of her youth and the Great Depression when her family lost everything, but on the goodness of friends and family were able to manage the hard times.

As for current birthdays, send out best wishes for Donna Houston and Delores Reynolds on Sept. 17, Danny Simpson and Dixie Childers on Sept. 18, and Carmen Bates Sept. 20. Kathy Jones and Debra George celebrate Sept. 21 and don’t forget Melanie Shepherd Sept. 23. I hope all of you have a wonderful day.

Sept. 20 will be the anniversary of two couples: Dennis and Skinner Tolbert and Nadine and Melvin Childers. Best wishes for days of happiness, good fortune and good health.

My neighbor’s maple tree was cut down in the nick of time. Once felled it revealed a hollow core which explains the starlings competing with squirrels for living space. It was just a matter of time before a good wind or ice storm would have caused the tree to fall on his house or elsewhere. I wonder how my maple tree is faring?

It was a long council meeting last week; over two hours. Everything takes money. I don’t know how the council members make priorities on spending. Pay raises for the aldermen were considered but dismissed. They get a token $75 a month, which is pretty close to volunteering in my eyes, not to mention the complaints they get from residents.

It has to be working to make Brookport a nice community to live. Be supportive.

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