Brookport will have a revival Monday, Sept. 27, through Wednesday, Sept. 29, in the Harry Statham Gymnasium starting at 6:30 p.m.

Kamal Maddala will be the guest speaker and Great Commission 3:16 will be the praise band. Refreshments are courtesy of St. Stephens Church. Everyone is invited to attend this inspirational event. Lord knows we can all use an uplifting in these days and times.

Wish Melanie Shepherd a happy birthday today, Sept. 23. Michael Curtis, Andrew Beggs and Robbie Hannah will be celebrating Sept. 24. Denise Stallings will be a year older Sept. 25, Juanita Wilder on Sept. 27, Joy Dean on Sept. 28 and Connie Quint on Sept. 29. I hope the coming year brings lots of joy and new memories.

Sharon and Vernon Davis will be having an anniversary Sept. 25. Then on Sept. 29, Debbie and David Brannum will be together another year. Health and prosperity to all you folks.

Last week, the city council didn’t have a quorum so they reset it for this week. Hopefully they will have enough council members to hold the meeting. Many of the items on the agenda were to pay bills and the contractors. I’m sure the contractors have an interest in a successful meeting. I think the auditors were to give a verbal report, as well.

I have a weird penchant to allow weeds to grow. Once I saw a cardinal eating pokeberries, so now I have several pokeberry plants that come back every year. I let milkweeds grow, too. I’m waiting for the monarchs to come and find them. That’s the only food source for the caterpillars, and I want to help them as much as I can. Some of the sparrows like the foxtail grass seeds, so I let them grow, too. Unfortunately, my yard looks very unkempt, and one of these days, I’ll get out there and trim it up some.

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