The city council meeting Tuesday was held remotely again on the Go to Meeting site. The code access was listed on the agenda posted on the door. It’s a bit awkward to connect through and other than the lawyer and treasurer, I don’t know of anyone else using the site. My preference is face-to-face. Telecommunications does not fit in old school methods. It’s too futuristic for me. Oh, am I showing my age?

Other than seeing people walking around, the town is quiet. What few businesses we have are closed. Greg Williamson is still delivering food bags to kids. The gym floor is still being sanded, sealed and re-sanded. The floor isn’t finishing to Rance’s satisfaction so he tries again.

It looks like the all-class reunion for Brookport alumni will be rescheduled. The governor might not have the state fully in business by July, and I think people will still be leery about attending large gatherings so it will be best to push it forward, maybe even until next year.

Pell Cemetery is in need of funds for the mowing. Lot owners are asked to remit their $25 dues to the Pell Cemetery Fund at City National Bank, P.O. Box 380, Metropolis, IL 62960.

There are only a few birthdays for the coming week. Ashley McKendrick has one tomorrow. David Craig celebrates May 18, Dee Ann Thompson on May 19, and Kim Bakehouse, Kyle Davis, Bradley Kennedy and John Pryor will all be a year older on May 20. Best wishes for a happy day.

Roy Wayne and Terri Neely will celebrate a wedding anniversary May 18. May you both have many more in good health, love and prosperity.

Last weekend was a good time for bird watching. I drove around Pope County to get out of the house for a while and saw 68 different species. This is migration time so some of those were just passing through. One of those was the semipalmated plover. Four of them were picking through a field in the Brownfield bottoms along with some killdeer. I don’t see them too often so that was exciting, making it a good day.

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