Let me vent a little -- the Brookport Bridge has been closed for a week supposedly for inspection. I was warned by an e-mail from the mayor this would happen, so I was ready.

Then four loads of dirt was dumped at the base of the bridge, I assume to keep people from moving the barrels.

Then Friday when I made my bank run, I saw a sign by Veach's with metal posts and small flashing lights saying the Brookport Bridge was closed.

Does this sound like a temporary thing to you? It has the feeling of a long running closure to me.

I must have missed the news report on this. It should have been on the front pages in big letters.

If 5,000 cars come through Brookport every day, then this is a significant event. If the bridge is falling apart, I want to panic. I have a right to know that I will be inconvenienced every time I want to go to Paducah.

OK, so that is off my chest. I shall have to put wear and tear on my car to get to Paducah. On the other hand, Metropolis is closer now. A dollar store would sure have been nice in Brookport. Too bad we couldn't make a deal. Let's wish several people a happy birthday this week: David Craig, May 18; Dee Ann Thompson, May 19; Bradley Kennedy, Kyle Davis, John Pryor and Kim Bakehouse, all on May 20; and Jenny Beshears, May 22. I hope your fondest wishes come and find you. My neighbor's cousin, Teri and Wayne Neely, have an anniversary coming up May 18. You need to wish them a happy day when you see them.

I heard the city was given a grant to fix the roof at city hall. The roof had been patched during the remodeling, but the heavy rain was just too much for the old roof. It damaged the ceilings in all parts of the building.

As usual, money is tight and the city had to wait for a grant to really get the job done correctly. Plans are for another rubber roof and replacement insulation. I don't think flat roofs are the best solution, maybe the cheapest, but not the best answer, but I'm not an architect, so what do I know?

Thursday evening at 6 p.m. is a reception for the photo contest displayed in the library. Refreshments will be served and the People's Choice Award announced. The photos will be on display until the end of May.

This Saturday is paper collection for the Boy Scouts. The Brookport Library has a receptacle for old newspapers so residents can drop them off there.

First Christian Church on West Third Street will serve lunch from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. this Saturday, free to the community. Everyone is welcome.

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