Women on a Mission from First Baptist Church recognized a new approach for state missions due to the pandemic with a week of prayer. Each day dealt with a different focus: dealing with the crisis, innovated ways of teaching using online resources, building effective leadership, transformation to dealing with the physical needs, setting priorities, mobilizing to aid disaster relief and giving in anticipation of renewing ministries. The pandemic has been hard on many congregations.

After Charlotte Muniz led that program she served refreshments to Kaye Pryor, Mae Black, Carol Siere, Margaret Craig and Kathy Peeler.

Sharon and Vernon Davis celebrate a wedding anniversary Sept. 25. Debbie and David Brannum will celebrate Sept. 29. I hope any special plans will be successful and best wishes for many more.

Today Michael Lynn Curtis, Andrew Beggs and Robbie Hannah have a birthday. Denise Stallings will be a year older Sept. 25. Juanita Wilder celebrates a big birthday Sept. 27, Joy Dean has one Sept. 28 and Connie Quint on Sept. 29. Happy birthday to everyone.

These cooler temperatures have been wonderful. It woke up my wild garden with luscious tall yellow flowers. The goldenrod and Jerusalem artichoke are such a bright spot. Definitely a sign of autumn. It’s a shame the flowers don’t last but I shall enjoy them while I can.

The water project is making progress. Now Pylant Street shows evidence of the giant moles. New fire hydrants are in place but they are incognito under black bags. Slowly the project is moving to the west side of town. I hope the grant money will be enough to finish the job and everyone will have decent water.

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