How goes day two on the New Year's resolutions? Going strong or just gone? I'm wishing everyone the best of luck. There's always tomorrow to make it right. I find it hard to make resolutions due to my lack of follow-up tendencies. Something always comes up that takes precedence.

Birthdays this week include Josie Bennett, Joyce Cook and Opal Shourd for Thursday; Shelly Schnarre and W.W. Winters on Friday; Odell Allbritten Saturday and David Douglas Wednesday, Jan. 8. I hope this New Year starts out with a bang and brings good luck.

My husband, David Douglas, and I will have an anniversary coming up on Sunday. I especially hope for an eventful day and I don't mean the snowstorm of the century, although a little snow will be tolerated.

This rain seems a little out of place. A pond is forming in my back yard. Maybe with the water table up, the rain drain can't happen. Since the trees are dormant, they aren't sucking up the water either, so I am stuck with a pond with no ducks floating on the water.

I wouldn't mind having ducks in my back yard. Hooded mergansers would be pretty and they are small enough for a little pond but I have no fish for them to eat. I'd probably have some half drowned earthworms though, maybe it would do.

January's senior citizen meeting will have a bunco tournament. I believe a soup potluck is on the agenda. This will be on the second Tuesday of the month so reserve that day for a morning of fun. I'll mention it again.

The business at the food mart is doing well. Sometimes Lisa has specials. I look forward to the roast beef, gravy and mashed potato day. Brookport sure needed something like this. They were a big supporter of the youth basketball league too. Kitchen closes at 2 p.m., so get there early. The mart part stays open until 6 p.m., so milk, bread, snacks and paper sundries can be picked up in emergencies.

The Brookport Library will reopen next week after the holiday closing. The front room has many free books to take, both fiction and non-fiction. The fiction books are duplicates or over ten years old. It only costs a dollar to sign up for a library card and that gets computer access, the internet and thousands of books to check out. Volunteers are ready to serve you during the winter hours from 2-5 p.m.

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