We have a slow news week so let’s start with birthdays. Carol Jenkins will celebrate today, Carl Pearcy on Oct. 5 and Jeri Ann Hall on Oct. 6. Judy Askew, Cheslie Mays and Mike Fasolo all have their birthdays Oct. 7. I hope everyone has a happy birthday and may your wishes all come true.

Janice and Johnny Henley have an anniversary coming up Oct. 5 so if you see them, wish them many happy returns.

It looks like it is going to take four pours to finish the sidewalk by the Harry Statham Gym. The guys worked on the second one last week. The five made quick work of the seven yards of cement. Just two more sections to go, about another 10 yards. One more improvement in this gym project.

This week retractable goals will be installed for the little ones in the youth league. They play cross court so four goals are going up for them. Just in time before the season starts. Signups will be held in early October but I haven’t heard the specifics yet.

Then we take a step backwards. A backboard was broken during a dunk while young adults were playing. It was not done purposely. I guess it is hard to resist dunking the ball. Replacement costs range from $850-$1,600. It will get done but rentals will be on hold for basketball players. With the youth league starting, the kids will be having priority use for practice and games until the end of December and they don’t dunk.

I see the utility companies are marking the lines on the west side of town. That means the water project will be moving there soon. I haven’t heard mention of water quality improvement yet. Fourth Street had some of the worst problems but maybe that area hadn’t been finished yet. Here’s hoping it makes a difference.

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