This Thursday we have several birthdays to note. Ora Gower, Cynthia Hogan and Chuck Tirey celebrate today. Logan Libbey and Crystalyn Pugh have their birthday tomorrow. Jerry Abell and Kaye Pryor are a year older Oct. 18 and then the next day, Hiesha Burrus and Kim Pryor add a year. Natalie Johnson will celebrate Oct. 20 and Justin Conder on Oct. 21. Happy birthday to everyone and may you have many more.

Lesley and Richard Culver have a wedding anniversary Oct. 19. Best wishes for a wonderful day and in the coming year.

Now with autumn coming, leaves falling and limbs dropping people are wanting to burn their debris. An ordinance is in place to allow this kind of burning during daylight hours. However, some people are burning other kind of trash like household items that were involved in a house fire. The city is looking to revise the burn ordnance to make sure that does not happen. Much of manufactured items contain toxic materials that don’t belong in our air.

It probably will be more expensive to rent a dumpster to haul that kind of trash away but public health is important, too.

Speaking of public health, measures are being taken during the youth league to protect our youngsters and parents. Temperatures will be taken. Masks will be required for everyone except for players and coach on the court. Social distancing will be promoted. Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the facility.

It is a matter of safety while the pandemic seems to be gaining ground. No one knows where it will increase and the league and Brookport Betterment Committee will do its best to minimize contagion and have a safe league.

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