There are only a few people on my birthday list this week. Carol Jenkins celebrates Oct. 1, Carl Pearcy on Oct. 5 and Jeri Ann Hall Oct. 6. Wish them the best if you should see them and many happy returns.

Janice and Johnny Henley have an anniversary coming up Oct. 5, so wish them a happy, too.

My wildflowers are a bright yellow spot in my wild garden. Too bad they only last a few weeks, but in the sun they look like a bright smile. They grow way over my head. Many of them grow roadside, but I don’t think many people realize how tall they are.

I identified them as Jerusalem artichokes. Supposedly they multiply by their root system. However, several plants are now growing away from my main bunch, even across the street. The original starts came from behind the flood wall after seeing them bloom in the fall. The next year, I dug up a few babies. Ten generations later they are all over — maybe classified as an invasive species, but are pretty all the same.

September ended with a revival at the Harry Statham Gym. There was plenty of room and parking. I hope people enjoyed the words, music and food. Family gatherings have also been held at the gym, too. It’s a great place for meetings.

Soon, the youth basketball league will start. I believe sign-ups will begin in November and practices in December with games in January and February. Details are being worked out, so check out the Facebook page of the Harry Statham Youth Basketball League for the official start.

Once practices start, the gymnasium will not be available until after the league is through since the kids have priority for their practices and games. Many thanks to Harry Statham for his support and to all the volunteers who did all the work. They made this facility possible for the community. We appreciate the bookings that make it sustainable.

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