Birthday notables this week are: Rachel Allen on Jan. 14; Sharon Schnaare, Jan 15; Nick Christiansen and Julie Giltner, Jan. 16; Nickey Johnston and Rance Phillips, Jan. 17; Kathadale Harris, Jan. 18; and Stacy Ward and Tim Fairfield on Jan. 19. Best wishes to all you people for a happy and fruitful day. Sometimes I wish birthdays just stopped at 39, which seems to be a good age of sensibleness and the peak of health.

I see the river has been rising after all the rains here and up the Ohio River. The fields across the river are covered with water. Some of the low-lying flood gates have been put back up in Brookport as a precaution. My back yard is still a swamp or at times an ice skating rink depending on the temperature. Such crazy weather for winter — thunderstorms and lightning in January.

Does anyone else hate these calling trees? Trying to cancel an appointment, I went through annoying sequences of answering questions by pressing a number only to have the choice I wanted not on the menu. Talking to a real person was reached by shouting into the phone “I want to talk to a person” several times. Then after speaking to a real person and successfully canceling the appointment, I found out I would have to go through the rigmarole to make a new one.

Getting the first appointment, I had to write down a 20-digit confirmation code. I am really looking forward to that. Since I haven’t gotten over my annoyance yet with the calling tree, my booster will have to wait. Eventually, I will make the call.

Brookport may have a new alderman for Ward 1. Colleen Boyt put in a letter of intent after much prodding. I believe she once filled in that position before and served until the end of that appointed term. Maybe everyone should be made to serve on the council as part of their voting rights. Then the position would be appreciated for the work they do. It’s definitely a “bless their hearts” job, especially if they take it seriously.

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