Brookport Elementary School will have its Family Fun Night on Friday, May 6, so come out and enjoy the games and food. It will be good to get back to this school event. Kids have a blast playing the games and winning prizes. It will be held in the gymnasium in the late afternoon.

Wish Charlotte and Jerry Muniz a happy anniversary on April 30. They have had a productive marriage and are blessed with grandchildren of which they are very proud.

John Galbraith and Leonard Neely will be celebrating another birthday on April 28. John Stallings and Jerry Lee Anderson will be a year older May 1. Denise Tolbert, Ryan Cochran and Chassidy McDonald have May 2 as their birthday. Hannah Jacobs, Cindy Jeffords and Serenity Henley celebrate May 3 and Bill Ward on May 4. Happy birthday to everyone.

It won’t be long before school is out. I wonder if the kids will be running loose or staying indoors playing on their smart phones. There should be a few organized sports, like soccer and softball, to take up their time, but I don’t see many kids riding bikes, skipping rope or playing tag.

That probably ages me. Those were our activities as kids. Plus, our parents insisted we play outside. Once, my mom even locked the door so we couldn’t come in and out so much. Now that I think about it, Dad was probably home, and they wanted some quiet time. I don’t know, but I have my suspicions.

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