I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. May you be blessed with a good meal and pleasant company, for this holiday. If you have any leftovers, think about your neighbors or an elderly person you know to share your good fortune.

Last week the Brookport News was on the Planet's Facebook page. With the expanded printed-paper covering the reassessments, most of the local writers were put on the Internet instead. My picture was actually placed with the council report instead of my news. This in no way reflects on our people at the Planet, since the Paducah design center now makes the final layout decisions. I offer my apologies to those who didn't get their birthdays recognized in print.

So this week we will celebrate Pat Giltner's birthday on Friday; Bill Copley and Kimm Foss on Sunday, Dec. 1; Buddy Smock and Eulean Baker on Monday, Dec. 2; and Jared Anderson on Tuesday, Dec. 3. Best wishes for a great day.

Joyce and Ray Cook have a wedding anniversary today, Nov. 27. They have been together a long time and I hope they have many more years in loving companionship.

The report from Women on a Mission is they are about to send the Christmas Shoe Box project off to Operation Christmas Child. A goal had been set for the Lottie Moon offering and they are sponsoring angels for the Christmas tree for local school children. Carol Siere led the program "Tending God's Church; Planting the Love of Jesus Deep within the Heart of New Orleans." She served refreshments to Julie Welch, Kaye Pryor, Charlotte Muniz, Margaret Craig and Mae Black.

The new parking lot across from the Statham Gym is taking a load off the streets. My husband counted 92 cars in the lot and the street, 54 were in the lot. We might need a bigger parking lot for the youth league. The amazing thing is people have been parking effectively without the parking spaces being marked. That is one of the next improvements planned.

Saturday the league had team photos and individual photos taken. I didn't know that kind of thing was done, but it will make for good keepsakes for this young crowd and their parents. It might have thrown the game schedule off a bit but the last game was finished at 5:15 p.m. It's important to keep games on time since parents usually have to juggle several kid's schedules besides having their own plans.

The Holiday Bazaar was this past weekend. The next event will be Saturday, Dec. 14, when Santa Claus comes to town. This will also be held in city hall from 6-8 p.m. Santa will arrive by fire truck after touring the town. The parks and recreation committee has been working hard to involve the community with activities. Christmas caroling is also on the list so start warming up the voices and learning the verses.

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