I watch the news for new cases of the COVID-19 virus in Massac County, and we have not had more than three cases for a couple of weeks. Staying in place seems to be working. I sure hope we don’t have anyone visiting Chicago and bringing it back. The big cities seem to be breeding grounds, but when the number of people there is considered, it figures. That goes for St. Louis and Springfield too, not just to pick on Chicago.

The only news I have are the birthdays. May 1 has Jerry Lee Anderson, Rosemary Hohman and John Stallings celebrating. Ryan Cochran, Chassidy McDonald and Denise Tolbert birthdays are on May 2. Serenity Henley, Hannah Jacobs and Cindy Jeffords make merry on May 3, Bill Ward on May 4 and William Bickham Jr., Cory Greer and Shanice Skinner on May 5. Best wishes to everyone on their special day.

Charlotte and Jerry Muniz have an anniversary today, April 30. Wish them many more years together in health and prosperity.

Since we are under stay at home orders again for May, the next city council meeting will have to be done remotely like last time. The public will not be able to physically attend, just the council members. Access was done by a Go to Meeting app so that method may be used again. It is a bit more complicated than showing up.

I hope the June council meeting will be back to normal.

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