During the public session at the Sept. 10 Brookport City Council meeting, Lucille Shannon cautioned the council to consider the consequences of opting in to the recreational marijuana issue.

Understanding there may be revenue gained, Shannon also recognizes how this could effect the community. She questions if this is what the community supports.

Shannon was also concerned that, in writing, the ordinance needs to be thoroughly researched. What one person understands from the cannabis summary, might not be what someone else interprets. Due diligence should be taken.

Alderman Scott Martin responded marijuana will be a legal substance in January 2020. "It is already here, but now the city will have the opportunity to collect fees, taxes and fines and get needed revenue by opting in. The city will get nothing if it opts out," said Martin.

Alison Boyt, city treasurer gave the financial report. Auditors were paid their $14,000 fee and will be at the next council session to answer any questions. The general fund currently has $77,745.87.

Bills totaling $44,082.63 were approved for payment after discussion on several items such as a Verizon phone bill for the mayor. It was suggested a cheaper carrier be considered.

The $1 million loan resolution for the water project was accepted. Water bills will have to be raised $6 to $10 per residence to repay the loan. Discussion was held on this item as well with an informal handcount of those present indicating they would be willing to pay the increase for an improvement in water quality.

Approval was given for the resolution to execute the agreement with Brown and Roberts on the 2019 DCEO Storm Sewer Rehabilitation.

Fire Chief Bill Copley reported the two fire trucks were tested and passed inspection. He is planning an open house in November for the public to see the additional equipment and trucks. Copley also said another life was saved with the dosing of Narcan. Two boxes of Narcan have been used to treat possible overdoses since it has been available.

Brookport Police Officer Scott McDonald gave the police report. Twenty tickets were written, and four arrests made including for crystal meth and marijuana possession.

Martin was the only alderman to speak for the ward reports. He was concerned the culvert and manhole project was being delayed after several votes had been taken to approve the projects. The breeches in the pipes are only contributing to more damage to the lagoon system and lift stations.

Martin had also attended the last Massac-Metropolis Port Authority District meeting. Regarding the Dam 52 property, he learned that annexation of the property by the city might be problematical since there is no common boundary. The dam property is surrounded by Scott Garrett's farm. However, the port district still wants to work with Brookport about developing the land for the economic development of the area.

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