At a special-called meeting on Monday, Nov. 15, Jim Brown updated the Brookport City Council on a new grant application for repair of the town’s sewage system.

It had been known for several years the aeration system at the lagoon was basically nonfunctioning. A grant from Rural Development had been received for Brown & Roberts Engineering to write a preliminary plan. An application was made for $1.55 million to fix the lagoon and some areas of the collection system.

Brown stated this will be a slow process, and it will probably not correct all the problems. If the application is accepted, the repairs will need to be designed and construction permits obtained. This will take time and is a first step, Brown emphasized.

The council unanimously approved the sewer project.

The water project grant status was also updated by Brown. According to rules of Rural Development, the loan part of the grant must be used first and then the grant money. Since there were some saving aspects in the project, approximately $440,000 is still available. Application is being made to use that money to repair the pump house. This will entail building a structure around the current building and will require an architectural design and approval from state engineering.

The last item council discussed was changing the internet and phone service to Clear Wave Communications

The contract with Comcast is up, so this was the time to consider switching. Clear Wave is a fiber optic system available just to businesses in Brookport for now. The school is using their service. Advantages would be more speed and greater reliability in case of storms. The estimated cost would be less than the fees for the fire department and three phones in city hall now being paid. The council approved the change, though it may take six months to set it up.

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