New art studio/gallery opens on Market Street

Metropolis artist Dale McReynolds has opens Dale's Art Den Studio/Gallery

McReynolds says she is self-taught and God inspired. Her artwork has been exhibited in galleries in Oklahoma, Colorado, Arizona and New York and now art lovers in Metropolis will be able to see her work at her new studio, located at 723 Market St., inside of Thor's Gym.

The African-American Museum of Southern Illinois exhibited her artwork and acquired a piece to add to their collection.

"Some have considered my paintings in the genre of the Realist, because my art is inspired by memories of people, places and things that I wish to share. An an early age in life, I developed an affinity of watching people and drawing their faces, in hopes of capturing their moods and personalities," said McReynolds.

McReynolds, says portrait painting provides her a personal pathway of expression, as it affords the opportunity to bring to canvas what she is feeling at the moment.

"By using pastels, which is my preferred medium, it allows me to start a painting under one inspiration, and often pausing and returning to the canvas under a different inspiration; sometimes giving me an end result different from my original thought. I count this as divine inspiration guiding my mind and hands, as well as all the other aspects of my life," said McReynolds.

McReynolds held a showcase on Oct. 25, with several members of the public attending to view her gallery.

Other business news

• Little Tractor, previously located at 1641 W. 10th St., has officially moved its inventory and business to Paducah at 4801 Cairo Rd. Little Tractor was opened in Metropolis by former owner James Little. In 2015, Little sold the business to Justin Ferrell, of Galatia, who had previously worked at Little Tractor.

• And, Justin Lange, of West Paducah, filed an assumed name notice on Oct. 11 for his business, Summit Heating and Air, located at 9025 Ogden Landing Rd., in West Paducah; and Dwight Foss, of Metropolis, filed an assumed name publication notice on Oct. 15 for his business, Foss Trucking, located at 3509 Massac Creek Rd., in Metropolis.

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