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During the Metropolis City Council’s second public meeting held over teleconference Monday night, the council approved two ordinances to apply for loans for water projects at the Water Filtration Plant and the Wastewater Treatment Plant. The ordinances authorize the mayor to make the applications with the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency.

Ordinance 2020-12 will request a loan in for the replacement of the water filter media at the Water Filtration Plant. This is the next phase in a series of improvements that has included installation of of dehumidifiers, updated monitoring equipment and energy efficient lighting, upgraded control data system, and replacing the ClariCones and HeliCarb tanks with an aerator and closed top detention tank. These improvements changed the plant from a Class A surface water plant to a Class B groundwater plant. The final phase of the project will include the installation of a new well and upgrading two other wells.

The filter media replacement is projected to cost $812,660, but the loan can be up to $1.5 million if costs exceed the projected amount according to Corporate Counsel Rick Abell. The regular program calls for a 2% interest over 20 years. However, the City of Metropolis qualifies for a hardship rate which includes a 60% loan forgiveness and an interest rate of 1% resulting in annual payments of $18,014. Per the ordinance all payments will be paid with revenues from the filtration plant.

Ordinance 2020-13 will request a loan for the Wastewater Treatment Plant in the amount of $590,200. This will pay for changing the existing disinfection system with a UV disinfection system. Replacing this system will save the city $75,000 to $100,000 per year by not having to purchase chlorine. Again, this loan calls for a 2% interest rate. The City of Metropolis qualifies for a hardship rate with the loan as well, which will include up to 45% forgiveness and an interest rate of 1% for 20 years. This loan also can be made up to $1.5 million. Assuming the city receives the hardship incentives, the annual payment will be $17,988.

The publication of these ordinances can be found on pages A3 and A10.

A public meeting will be held at 5:30 p.m. on May 11 to give parties an opportunity to express their views on the proposed Downstate Small Business Stabilization applications funded by the Community Development Block Grant funds. These grants must be applied for by a unit of government on behalf of a business. The city will be applying for $25,000 on behalf of Silver Collections due to the COVID-19 emergency. Business applications are available for viewing at Applications are still being accepted. Information can be found in the public notice on page A12.

In other business, the council:

• Approved a pay request in the amount of $133,312 to HMG Engineers for the construction project at the Metropolis City Pool.

• Approved amending Ordinance 2014-13 to allow the placement of a manufactured home less than 10 years old onto property adjacent to Lincoln Park owned by Mark and Carla Souders. The current ordinance only allowed a home less than five years, and Souders believes he could develop the property better with something older.

• Approved accepting a quit claim deed in lieu of foreclosure from Land of Lincoln, LLC for property in the Industrial Park. This will waive a debt of $7924 and deed the property back to the city instead of moving forward with foreclosure and incurring extra expenses.

• And, approved a payment in the amount of $5000 to Evrard Strang, LLC in settlement claims connected to the Walter Filtration Plant Improvement Project.

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