The city council approved the hiring of Wayne Helm as the new manager of the Metropolis Municipal Airport on Monday night, effective Sept. 1.

The move was recommended by Mayor Billy McDaniel who informed the council that Jerry Caudle, the long-time manager of the facility, is stepping down for health reasons.

“He’s been the airport manager for probably in excess of 25-30 years,” McDaniel said of Caudle. “He’s done an excellent job.”

The mayor said Caudle came to him several months ago about leaving, and it was thought he might stay on the job until the end of McDaniel’s term next April. However, his health considerations made the resignation necessary.

Caudle suggested Helm, who has been taking care of landscaping and related duties at the airport, as his successor.

“He’s (Helm) agreed to take over Jerry’s duties,” McDaniel told the council. “My suggestion would be for Wayne to take over on a month-to-month basis until the new administration comes on.

“That would allow whoever is in that position (McDaniel is not running for re-election) the opportunity to continue that or make their own replacement. I think that’s fair.”

The council unanimously approved Helm’s hiring, at the same rate of pay as Caudle. The outgoing manager has agreed to be available to assist in the transition, according to McDaniel.

In other action, the council:

• Agreed to pay HMG Engineers $337,599.18 for the latest improvements to the city’s Franklin Water Park.

• Approved the purchase of of 100 tons of salt, at $67 per ton, from Compass Minerals.

• Authorized the city to advertise for the potential sale of property at 515 W. 7th Street.

• Authorized the purchase of a 2018 Ram truck from Linwood Metropolis for $18,800 to add to the city’s fleet.

• Approved a client agreement for pharmacy benefit management services with Express Scripts.

• Reset the public hearing on the city’s proposed appropriation ordinance for 6:30 p.m. Sept. 14 in council chambers and to publish a notice in the Metropolis Planet.

• Accepted the resignation of firefighter Colton Griffey, effective Aug. 31, and to hire the next candidate from the eligibility list effective Sept. 1.

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