The improvements of properties owned by the City of Metropolis were the main topic at Monday night's city council meeting. During the mayor's report, the council approved the low quote for the demolition of properties located at: 506 W. Sixth St., 509 W. Sixth St., 204 E. 11th St., 600 E. Third St., 411 W. 11th St., 413 W. 11th St., 415 W. 11th St. and 1020 Vienna St. The bid was awarded to Quint Utilities and Excavating in the amount of $32,500.

A bid opening of the purchase of property located at 406 W. 10th St. was also held. After suspending the rules, the council approved Ordinance 2019-11, which awarded the property to Dr. Dean Hinners in the amount of $470. The property is located adjacent to Hinners medical practice.

In other business, the council:

n After suspending the rules, approved Ordinance 2019-10 Enacting and Adopting a Supplement to the Code of Ordinances for the City of Metropolis, and Declaring an Emergency.

n Was briefed by Corporate Counsel Rick Abell that he will be bringing updated policies and ordinances before the council in the coming weeks in relation to the Cannabis Act passed earlier this year that will go into effect Jan. 1, 2020.

n And, was briefed by Abell on a public informational fact sheet he is working on concerning the Metropolis Fire Department in anticipation of a possible referendum the council will want to consider to raise the tax levy to fund fire department pensions in the future.

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