Regional Superintendent Lorie LeQuatte presented Massac County Commissioners Jerel Childers and Jeff Brugger with both quarterly and annual reports, which listed the activity from this past year for Massac County and for the Region Office of Education (ROE) 21 servicing Franklin, Johnson, Massac and Williamson counties.

According to LeQuatte, last year Region 21 had close to 2000 licensed teachers and processed 1400 fingerprints.

She said there is currently a vacancy for Massac County on the regional board of trustees, as former board member, Todd Sumner chose not to continue with his seat on the board. LeQuatte said anyone interested in the position should call the regional office for more details.

She told the board this year they will be attacking truancy in a different way. Instead of truancy officers, the employee titles will be attendance advocates who will try to determine what those barriers are that are keeping parents from getting the children to school.

She said Health Life Safety inspections have been done in all 57 buildings in all four counties and compliance visits had been completed and all the schools did well.

According to LeQuatte, the ROE held over 200 professional development activities last year for educators, including a special event geared toward secretaries and guidance counselors.

Brugger asked if there is anything in particular LeQuatte is concerned about. She said her biggest concern is the safety of the building in Metropolis. She said the leak the commissioners had tried to get fixed is leaking again.

She also said the doors need panic bars, but they do not have them. She asked the best way to share the Health Life Safety report with the commissioners and Brugger suggested she email the report to all three of the commissioners.

Massac County Highway Engineer Joe Matesevac took down information from Childers and Brugger concerning calls they had received from citizens. One call was regarding Purcell Road, with the citizen saying it is in such bad shape it could cause a wreck.

Matesevac said right now it is so dry and with no moisture, there is not a lot the department can do until it rains.

He did mention to the commissioners he will move forward with ordering a new dump truck. A couple of weeks ago the state held its bid letting for the cab and chassis, which would be about $79,547. Then the truck is sent to another company to be completed and the estimated cost is $45,326. He said in total the department would be looking at $125,00 to $130,000 for a new dump truck.

According to Matesevac, he may also add an option for trade-in for one of the department’s oldest 2002 dump trucks to see how much it would be worth. He re-iterated to the board he will proceed but before he signs any paperwork, he will bring the information back to the board to review.

The only other item he mentioned was the possibility of trying to replace three of the department’s bush hogs, which are worn out, by the end of the year.

Massac County Treasurer Jody Haverkamp told the commissioners the county has surpassed the $3.5 million dollar mark in real estate collections. She said the county has received about $15,000 in online payments and says people are still taking advantage of making property tax payments at City National Bank.

According to the financial report, the county’s general fund balance for the week is $82,772. However, Haverkamp said the balance is actually around $79,000 because a payment in the amount of $3314 was made to Tyler Technologies. She reminded the board in November there will be a one-time payment of $17,000.

Massac County Chief Deputy Chad Kaylor brought the list of sheriff’s department bills. He said the squad car the department has ordered from the Missouri Highway Patrol should be ready by the end of the week. He said the truck the department is supposed to be getting has been sent out for a bed liner and they are still waiting on it to be shipped.

Two items on the agenda — the vote on the lease agreement with Shawnee Development, and the appointment to the Fort Massac Water District — were tabled by the board so Commission Chair Jayson Farmer could be a part of the vote at next week’s meeting.

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