Continuing an action begun at its June 1 meeting, the Massac County Commission on Monday signed a claim to make the approved payment toward a courthouse renovation bond.

The $548,089.16 redeems all of the debt certificates due on or after Dec. 1, 2032, plus their interest. The payment is to be made by Aug. 1.

At the June 1 meeting, the commissioners — Jeff Brugger, Jerel Childers and Jayson Farmer — and Massac County State’s Attorney Josh Stratemeyer agreed the profit from selling the Massac County Annex should go toward the bond. At its June 15 meeting, the commissioners adopted an ordinance for the annex sale proceeds to be used in helping pay down the $2,545,000 bond.

Farmer was absent from Monday’s meeting.

The commission and highway engineer Joe Matesevac addressed complaints they’ve received concerning roads damaged during the mowing of ditches. Matesevac noted the difficulty of trying to get the county’s mowers in and out of ditches that are surrounded by mailboxes, poles and driveways.

“You can’t help but scrape. We get dozens of calls all season long if we don’t mow. If we mow, dozens of people call us that we’ve destroyed ditches, cut flowers and shrubs. We can’t win,” Matesevac said. “My policy I tell our mowers is if somebody is obviously taking care of their ditch, stay out of it. If it’s long, mow it because it’s our responsibility. It’s impossible to keep a list of who wants us to mow and who doesn’t and keep five or six guys informed of it on a moment’s notice everywhere throughout the county.”

A broken oil and chip machine has put the county highway department at least two weeks behind schedule. Matesevac informed the commissioners the department is trying an alternative by fitting a truck with a chip-spreading tailgate. If the procedure works, he plans to add the fabrication to a couple more trucks. Matesevac said in his research for new or used machine, he found a 10-year-old oil and chip machine costs $160,000. He hopes the department can start oil and chipping in the coming weeks.

The commissioners approved a Massac County Trustee Resolution for Parcel No. 08-01-202-001 in the City of Metropolis.

County treasurer Jody Haverkamp reported the county’s general fund balance is $33,614.

The commission’s next regular meeting is 8:45 a.m. July 13.

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