Massac County's commissioners met last week on Dec. 23 and the main action came with the passage of the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) contract and the 2020 county tax levy.

The motion, by Commissioner Jeff Brugger came after a 15-minute closed session with the other commissioners and Massac County State's Attorney Josh Stratemeyer to discuss the contract.

After returning to open session, Brugger's motion was seconded by Commissioner Jerel Childers and approved unanimously.

According to Sheriff Chad Kaylor, the contract included shift differential increases, along with step increases. Also included was an increase in the employee payment toward the health insurance.

While Kaylor was at the meeting he reported one of the squad cars had been fixed and was running well and another squad car was having some issues and he would know what the problem was by the end of the week.

Commission Chair Jayson Farmer and County Clerk Hailey Miles discussed the county's proposed annual tax levy.

Last year's county tax levy was $2,659,000 and for the upcoming year, the county's levy will be $2,781,561.

According to Miles, two of the county's line items -- the Illinois Mutual Retirement Fund (IMRF) and liability fund have been increased. Last year the county levied $300,000 for IMRF and for 2020, the county has levied $327,000.

Last year the county levied $545,000 for the liability fund and for the upcoming year the county has levied $620,000.

Miles points out the county is limited as to how much it can increase the levy because of the Property Tax Extension Liability Law (PTELL). "Just because we levy this amount, doesn't mean we will get it," said Miles.

In other business:

• Massac County Treasurer Jody Haverkamp brought forms for the board to sign in order to move funds from the county's general fund in order to pay off the outstanding balance for Tyler Technology. She reported there was $83,000 in the general fund prior to the transfers.

• Massac County Highway Engineer Joe Matesevac reported the department had fixed a road, which had previously been discussed at the commission meetings, by taking 12 loads of rock to complete the job. He also said the bridge on Mt. Sterling Road had been completed, with the exception of the oil and chipping, which the highway department was going to take care of themselves.

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