Massac County Treasurer Jody Haverkamp has begun allocating money from the $1.8 million in property tax payments received as of last week into the various county funds, she told the county commissioners in a recent meeting.

“I went ahead and did an early disbursement,” Haverkamp said. “Massac County received $340,999 out of that allocation, in which $58,688 went in to the general fund.”

Following that early disbursement, “Currently, we have $6 million available to allocate,” she said.

She told commissioners City National Bank has been helpful in the tax collection process, and a drop box that has been established has been well used.

“Paying online has really grown this year as well. I’m thankful for that,” Haverkamp said.

“And, a lot of people are actually paying both installments (at once), which I was kind of surprised at. We’ve been quite steady.”

The county commissioners have recently returned to weekly meetings.

Joe Matesevac, county highway engineer, told commissioners this week new load limit have been placed on the railroad bridge on Country Club road.

“This morning (Tuesday) we put up some new signs lowering the weight limit on it, to 16-ton single vehicle, and 22-ton combination vehicle,” he said.

“And, we’ve put warning signs at Country Club Road and (U.S. Route) 45 and Country Club Road and (State Highway) 145, to kind of alert trucks not to come down there because of the weight limit.”

The highway engineer and commissioners have also recently discussed how to address some concerns raised by residents about semitruck parking in some subdivisions in Massac County.

“I know you’ve been called multiple times, and I’ve been called multiple times about truck traffic all over the county,” Matesevac said.

“One thing I see is trucks that people drive for a living, driving them in to subdivisions and parking them, supposedly tearing up ditches and pavement, stuff like that.”

Matesevac said his research indicates the only way for the county to address the issue would probably be through passage of an ordinance.

Also this week, the county approved a resolution establishing the salary for certain officeholders, as required by law.

The resolution sets the salary for county commissioner, beginning at $11,800 a year Dec. 1, 2020, with annual incremental increases effective each Dec. 1, through 2025, at the rate of $13,811.

The election for county commissioner is the only contested race in Massac County in the Nov. 3 election, according to Hailey Mills, country clerk. In that race, incumbent Jayson Farmer is being challenged by Gregory Dillard. Commissioners are elected for six-year terms, on a staggered basis.

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