Board appointments and general financial discussions were undertaken Tuesday morning by the Massac County Board of Commissioners.

Commissioner Jayson Farmer was not physically present for the board meeting, but listened and interacted by telephone from his work site.

Ricky Griffey was appointed to serve on the Massac County Hospital District Board. Griffey, who is a retiring city police officer, will fill the spot previously held by Ted Holder.

Holder sent a letter saying he really appreciated the opportunity to serve on the hospital board, but now must use his time for other activities.

The board reappointed Stephen Korte to another three-year term on the Cache River Drainage District Board.

Several County officers discussed fiscal and operating issues with board members Jeff Brewer and Jerel Childers.

Massac County Sheriff Chad Kaylor told the board the jail continues to run at a high number of prisoners. He said the jail was designed for 41 prisoners, but now houses 49. He added the jail has housed up to 54 prisoners.

The sheriff said the jail is averaging more prisoners, and food cost have gone up, partially because of factories having to fight the COVID-19 problem. Kaylor noted his department had ordered extra food due to possible shortages developing if COVID-19 gets worse.

Board Chairman Jeff Brugger noted that hosting prisoners from other counties will help Massac County pay the increased costs. There are currently 12 prisoners from Johnson County in the Massac jail.

Kaylor said fuel costs for the police cars is running well below what is budgeted.

County Treasurer Jody Haverkamp reported the county now has $174, 639 in the general fund. She said that amount looks good, but there are many bills to pay.

Questions were asked about how to invest money from the federal recovery program because the investments will need to be short-term, rather than investing it for years. Brugger said the money can only be placed in a very secure investment program.

Haverkamp said her office is working this week on the first tax disbursements to other governing bodies, such as schools. She also noted there have been 70 certificates of errors issued where mistakes were found in the tax bill process.

Highway engineer Joe Matesevac told the board about some of the problems he has had with overweight haulers on county roads.

Emergency Management Director Brian Horn updated the board on COVID-19 cases and what his department is doing to help combat them. Horn said he has furnished masks to Unit 1 and Joppa schools, and will be getting more for them at a later date.

And, the commissioners said they need to speak with Supervisor of Assessments Gary Hamm concerning the budget for inputting information into the geographic information mapping system.

The board adjourned at 10:20 a.m.

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